Sunday, February 24, 2013

Max's Birthday Party

We decided to celebrate Max's birthday with the family on the Saturday after his birthday.  He loved it because he got to celebrate his birthday twice which means he got 2 cakes and 2 groups of presents.  This year Max was very spoiled, but I guess it is ok because he has been so good.

We decided to have a little celebration at Granddad's and Mimi's house  where we did a little art craft, had pizza, ate cake and opened presents.

I asked Max what he wanted for dinner and he said pizza so we decided to make our own little pizzas again.  This is so easy and the kids love it becasue they can put anything they want on the pizza.

All Max wanted to do was open his presents.  I told him he had to wait until after dinner, but he opened them before cake.  Thank you for everyone that got Max a birthday present.  He is truly a spoiled and loved little boy.

Max wanted a chocolate birthday cake so I decided to make him a sheet cake because he loves it and the adults love it also.  So it turned out perfect.
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