Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a while since I have posted last. Life just got in the way I guess, but we are all doing great. Max is doing great and the baby girl is growing on track. This last past month we have been pretty busy. When we found out that I was pregnant, I told Paul that we need to get everything done around the house now because once this second baby comes we won't have all the time in the world. So I made a list and we are slowly getting stuff done.

In the middle of February, we had my dad and my sister, Dana, come for a visit. That was a lot of fun to see them and Max had so much fun spending time with them. We did a lot of fun things while they were here, but my favorite part was when we went to the Worldlife Zoo. We have never been there before, but it was a lot of fun.

Max going down the slide at the Zoo for really the first time and he loved it.

Eating lunch at the Zoo with a great view.

One of the big things that was on my to do list was to get the backyard done For about 7 months, we have lived with dirt in the backyard and it was driving me crazy. We were going to do the backyard ourselves, but with Paul's crazy work schedule and the weather getting warmer, we just decided to hire someone to do it. We got a fabulous deal and they finished in about 3 days. There is really nothing special about it. We just got grass, rocks, and some plants. It is a typical Arizona backyard, but its a finished backyard and Max loves it.

He can now go down the slide all by himself.

He can play with balls all day long. He kicks, throws and chases them.

This water thing is the best especially when it's warm outside. He is entertained by it for hours.

I put the bouncer that I used for Max in is closet to get it out of the way, but Max has recently discovered it and loves it. I think he loves it more now then we he was a baby. He is going to have a real hard time letting is baby sister use it.

Another big project that we are doing is painting. I am so sick of having white walls. We have spent months trying to pick out colors. I can tell that this is our first place that we have ever painted because we had the hardest time deciding what we wanted and what we liked. The most frustrating thing about picking out a color is that we would like a color on the paper, but when we bought a tester and put it on the wall, we hated it. The color on the paper and the color on the wall were so different. But after many different color testers, we finally decided on a color. We first painted the base color that is all throughout our house and that color is a light tan and then in the living room and kitchen/family room we are doing accent walls. We haven't painted those walls yet, but in the next week or two those walls will be done. So that means I only have to paint the laundry room, 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. This is never going to end.

Max helping us paint
The only time we can paint is on the weekend, during Max's nap, and at night when Max is a sleep. So this is a very slow process, but it is getting done and its getting done before the baby comes.