Thursday, January 21, 2010

Max's 1st Birthday

On January 10th, Max turned one years old. I can't believe that he is one already. Where has the time gone. This past year has been an amazing year. Max has brought so much joy into our life. He has been such a great baby. We have been very blessed to have him in our life.
Max has changed a lot in these last couple of months. He now weighs 20 pounds and 29 1/2 inches long. We is walking like crazy and getting into everything that he possibly can. He loves to talk, cry, laugh, play peek-a-boo, play with balls, going outside, and he loves loves his blanket. This is a new thing that he started after Christmas. Ever since he came home he has become obsess with his his blue blanket. He caries it everywhere with him and cries if he doesn't have it. The one thing that we are trying to work with him on is his eating habits. He is a very hot and cold eater. Sometimes he will eat everything then other times he won't eat anything. We are also trying to get him to like veggies. He will not eat them unless they are covered in some kind of sauce. He just loves flavor.
Anyways, on the 9th we celebrated his birthday here in Arizona with some of our friends. We had taco salad and then had cake. It was a lot of fun to have people celebrate with us Max's first birthday. For his birthday cake, I decided to make a cupcake cake. I did run into some problems, but the finish cake was very very cute. I loved doing the cupcake cake because then I was able to give Max one cupcake to destroy, so then everyone else could also have a cupcake. Then on Sunday the 10th, Paul and I had celebrate his birthday just us as a family. We gave him a cake all to himself, so I could get the classic baby destroying his first cake. But no. I didn't get that picture. Max would barely put his hands in the cake. My child doesn't like to get dirty at all. He doesn't like to get anything on his hands. Anyways, Max had a great first birthday and I still can't believe that he is one!
Max's first birthday cake!

Max only ate the cake part and not the frosting which is very odd for a kid to do.
His birthday gifts
Max was so excited to get the car. He loved the school bus one that Grammy Babs had. Thanks Babs.

His second cake with just Paul and I.
So we put the bottom layer of the cupcake cake on his tray to see what he would do and it was the funniest thing ever. He just starred at the cake for a while and then he would slowly touch it.

This is the messiest picture that I got of him.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Time

So it has been forever since I have posted anything. I am slowly getting back to real life after being on vacation for so long. It might take me a couple of post to catch up with everyone that has been going on these last couple of weeks.

This post is all about Christmas. I know that Christmas was a while ago, but I am finally posting pictures of Christmas. We had a very fun Christmas this year. We were able to spend Christmas in Danville with all the kids. I really don't remember the last time that we have all spent Christmas together. I finally got to meet my little nephew, Skye and my niece, Ali for the first time and they are so cute. We had lots of fun while we were there. We decorated cookies, went to San Francisco, hiking, played games, ate lots of food, shopping, and just hung out with each other.

While we were there, Max really changed a lot. He started walking a lot better, loves playing with any kind of balls, is not as much of a mommy's boy, loves being around people/kids, loves any kind of meats, learned how to take only 1 nap instead of 2 and rides in a big car seat. Max had a lot of fun playing with all of his cousins and playing with all of his aunts and uncles. He was really sad to come home to an empty house with no one to play with every day, all day long. Here are just a few pictures of Christmas.

Max and Ali

Max's first Christmas

Max and Skye

Thanks to everyone for making it a great first Christmas for Max!