Friday, January 31, 2014

Max's b-day

 Happy 5th Birthday Max!

Max was so excited for his birthday.  He couldn't wait for it.  Every day he would ask me how many more days until his birthday.  When Friday rolled around he was the happiest little boy.  The house and his room was all decorated just for him.  He had cinnamon rolls for breakfast which was his choice.  After breakfast we went to the zoo where we met one of his friends there.  We saw all the animals and afterwards we rode some rides because it was a special day.  I never let my kids ride on the rides except for their birthdays, so he was so excited.  He got 5 tickets and was able to ride all the rides he wanted to.  He was a very happy birthday boy.

 These 3 are the best-est of friends.  They play so well together.  I love it.

It was so much fun having Cheryl and Katelynn and Avery there to help celebrate Max's birthday.

After the Zoo and some rest time, we headed over to chuck e chesse.  Wow did my kids have fun.  This was there first time ever going and they had so much fun.  They keep asking me if we can go back.  I have a feeling we will do many other birthdays there.  After playing and eating food we went back to have cake and open presents.  Hopefully Max had a great birthday .

Fun Facts about Max:
-loves to play mario brothers, transformers, dinosaures, and cars
-loves apple juice, ice cream, chicken nuggest, and apples
-loves to play with his sisters
-loves playing at the park
-favorite TV show is wild krafts
-is an awesome big brother
-loves sharing a room with Chloe
Happy Birthday Max!  We love you and thank you for being the sweetest little boy ever.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Year

Last Sunday was a big day for my kids especially Chloe.  She graduated nursery and moved up to primary.  Can you believe it?  My little girl is in primary.  I can't believe that she is old enough to be a sunbeam.  She is getting so big.  I do feel bad for the teachers because they have a lot of 3 year old filled with energy.  I think Chloe is one of the worst ones.  I love her so much, but the girl has a hard time sitting down and listening.  But hopefully this will be good practice for her before she starts preschool next year.

 Also, Max is no longer in sunbeams.  He is now in the CTR 4 class.  He is also, getting so big.

Lyla is also getting bigger.  One of her favorite things right now is bath time.  She has so much fun in the water and she never wants to get out.  She is my water baby.