Monday, August 25, 2008

The Beach and a Wedding all in one Trip!

This past weekend, Paul and I were able to once again drive down to Rancho Cucamonga for another little vacation. This trip was a little different because we were able to spend a little time in Laguna which was very nice. Every year in August Paul's family spends a week to two weeks at Laguna Beach and we were able to make it down for the last day. It was a lot of fun spending time with his family, friends, and getting some sun.

After spending all day Friday at the beach, on Saturday we had a wedding to attend. One of Paul's friends from is hometown was getting married in the Newport Temple and then having a reception in Lancaster. The wedding was amazing and the reception was a lot of fun. Then on Sunday we drove back to Phoenix which is a 5 hour drive. Even though this was a short trip, it was a lot of fun. I got to have my orange shake at the orange inn, went to the beach, hung out with friends and family, and got to attend a wedding.

I saw this on the way to the Newport Temple and I thought it was so pretty. I love sunflowers. I told Paul that this is what I want in our backyard when we get a house which will probably be in 20 years from now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

Paul and I found out that we are having a boy. We are very excited. After we found out, we spent the day at the mall buying lots of baby clothes. I didn't realize how much fun shopping would be for little boy's clothes. We had so much fun and there are so many cute clothes for boys. Paul is very excited to have his little boy. Basically everything that this boy owns is going to be something dealing with sports. Paul can't wait to watch sports with him and teach him how to play every sport. We are both very excited and can't wait until that day comes when we get to hold him for the very first time.