Tuesday, December 1, 2009


For the past couple of weeks, Max has started taking a couple of steps. He has never been able to walk that far until this past weekend. During the Thanksgiving holiday, we drove down to Rancho and Max was able to play with all of his cousins. All of his cousins were running all over the place and Max tried to keep up. By the end of the trip, he was pretty much walking. He still falls a lot, but he loves to walk. He doesn't really even crawl anymore. Here is a video of him walking the day that we got back from our little trip.

Here is another video of Max dancing while listening to Christmas music. I tried to get it on tape, but whenever I start to record he always stops what he is doing. I was trying to catch him dancing to the Christmas music. It is really funny because whenever he hears music he will move his head back and forth and start bouncing up and down. I will try to get a better video of it, but this will just give you the idea of what he does.