Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spirit

This year Christmas has come up way too fast for me. I am usually one of those people that listen's to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I have now just started to listen to Christmas music. We have been super busy and time just keeps flying us by. Anyways, I have been trying to get in the holiday spirit by doing some of the must for the Christmas season before leaving on family vacation.

The first thing we did was go cut our Christmas tree down. It was cold, but sunny so it was a perfect fun day.

Max had so much fun watching daddy cut the tree down. He wants to be just like his dad.

Making Gingerbread house is another must for Christmas time.

Once again, I think the kids had more fun eating the candy instead of decorating it.

Another must do for Christmas time is see Santa. Max was a little scared at first so we spent about 10 minutes watching other kids sitting on Santa's lap and then finally he decided to give it a try.

We always have to decorate cookies for Christmas. The kids had so much fun decorating and eating the frosting.

We decided to get all dressed up and go downtown in Seattle to see Santa

Santa had his arms full with baby Mira and Chloe, so Max got the rocking chair

We always have to go on the Merry Go Round during Christmas time. First year that we didn't have to wait in line.

My dad treated us to Blue C Sushi and let me say that this place is delicious. My kids had so much fun watching all the food go by. They were so entertained. I love it.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving & Wedding

For Thanksgiving we went down to Rancho because Paul's brother got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was a fun trip and little tiring at the same time. Both the kids got sick while we were there so that was a little hard. But it was so good to see Paul's mom. She was able to come home for the wedding, so that was exciting because we have not seen her for about 1 1/2 years. We were sad not to see Ron there, but it was good to see him on Skype for the wedding.
This jeep was Max and Chloe's favorite toy to play with.

Ridding the train at the mall

David and Elaine got married in San Diego and it was the perfect day ever. It was sunny, blue skies and about 80 degrees. Being in great weather like that made me really miss living in Ca.

My 2 favorite boys in my life.

The happy new couple

The wedding party

We tried to get a family picture by the temple, but with both kids sick with a fever it was impossible. This was the best that we could do.

It was so nice to see friends that we haven't seen in such a long time. All in all it was a good trip. It was a good Thanksgiving and a good wedding.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

To see more pictures of the trip and wedding click here

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Best bday present

This year I got the best birthday present ever. My little niece decided to be born on my birthday. Mira Sophia Ait Hamd was born on November 3rd at 11:18am. She was 6 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long. Both her and I were suppose to be born on Halloween, but both of us decided to be born on November 3rd instead. I am so lucky to share a birthday with this little girl. She is so cute and so prefect. Congratulations again to Kim and Adil and their precious little daughter.

Babs and Mira who is the eighth grandchild

When max met Mira for the first time he was so excited. He kept touching her toes and head and kept saying "baby, baby." He was being really cute with her.

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This year was our first Halloween in Seattle and it was so much fun. The only problem was that Max and Chloe were getting over being sick. Well Chloe was still a little sick, but it didn't stop us from celebrating. This year Max was a fireman because he loves fire trucks so much. He had so much fun wearing his outfit. Chloe was a pig because Barbie gave it to me to borrow. Her costume was a little big, but once we put a lot of layers underneath it was perfect.
In the early afternoon we headed to a shopping center to do some trick or treating. Kim joined us which was a lot of fun and made it easier to have some help. The kids had so much fun going from store to store trick or treating. Max was a little sad when we were all done. He wanted to keep going and going. Chloe loved picking a piece of candy and putting it into her basket. When her basket was full and heavy, I tried to hold it for her but she would not let me. Instead she held onto it nice and tight and dragged the basket on the ground. She had so much fun.

After trick or treating at the stores, we went to granddad's and Mimi's house to hang out the rest of the night and to go trick or treating. Skye and Max had so much fun together going from house to house.

My dad's neighborhood goes full out. I have never seen anything like it. Every house was decorated from top to bottom. It was crazy. Some of the houses we had to skip because it was too scary for the kids.

My dad getting ready to scare kids
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday, we decided to go to a pumpkin patch. This was not a little pumpkin patch like we went last year in Arizona. This farm was huge and it had so much to do and there were tons of people. The best part about the pumpkin patch was all the animals. The kids love seeing and touching all the farm animals. They also had lots of fun seeing all the pumpkins and of course going on a hay ride.

The animals were Chloe's very part. She was not scared of them at all.

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