Sunday, August 22, 2010


I sill can't believe that it is already August. The time has gone by so fast. Life is a lot more different ever since Chloe has arrived. Even though there are times that it is very stressful like when both kids are screaming at the same time, I still love every moment of it. Having 2 kids is a lot of fun, but it defiantly has its challenges. Both Max and Chloe are doing great. Max finally had his 18 month check up and he is doing well. He weighs 23 pounds, loves juices, loves to climb on everything, loves giving Chloe kisses, loves to read books, loves to color, hates going to nursery at church, is a very picky eater, loves to play outside, and loves to watch movies like "Finding Nemo." On Tuesday, I have Chloe's first month check up, so i will let everyone know how she is doing after her doctor's appointment, but so far she is doing great. Here are some pictures of what has gone on so far in August.We decided to go to Prescott one day to escape the heat. It was a random day, but it was fun to do something as a family. We decided to go to the little zoo that they had there and of course Max loved to see all the animals.

She loves her swing. She can be in it all day long. She even loves it when it isn't even turned on

Max loves to help me sweep. He is such a good helper.

His new thing that he has discovered is he will pull a chair over to the counter and climb on top of it and play with everything that is on there.

I can never get a great picture of Max and Chloe together, but one of these days I am going to.

Max loves his animal puzzle and he knows where each animal goes all by himself. He is so smart.

Max loves to take everything out of our pantry and line everything up in a line. He does this over and over. it is really funny to watch him.

My sweet little girl. She sleeps all day long.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Seattle Visitors

This past week my dad and my 2 younger sisters came to Arizona to come help me with the kids and Michelle came for the weekend. It was really good to see them and they were such a big help. Max had such a blast. They played with him and took him out everyday. They went to the splash park, zoo, amusement park and all different kinds of stores. My dad made some amazing food. it was so nice not to do anything. My sisters were such a big help. They played with Max like crazy and it was so nice. Max was very sad to see everyone leave because now he doesn't have anyone that will play with me 24/7. At the Phoenix zoo

Max and the girls on the spiny ride

Max loved this ride. He could do it over and over

Max's first time on a train

Thanks again for coming and helping out.