Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow Days

About 2 weeks ago, we had a very bad snow storm.  It started snowing on Sunday while we were at church.  When we got to church there was no snow and then 2 hours went by and church was canceled because of how much snow was on the ground.  We came home and of course we played in the snow.  This was the first snow of the season.  Max had so much fun, but Chloe didn't know what to think.

Then on Wednesday we woke up to all this snow on the ground. Schools were closed, offices were closed, buses weren't running ,people lost power,  people were cross country skiing on the streets, and sledding like crazy.  The kids had a lot of fun.  I would have to say the snow does make things really pretty, but I am glad that it is already gone.  With all that snow that we got, we were stuck in our house for a couple of days and I was going crazy

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Max turns 3!

In the beginning of January Max celebrated his 3rd birthday.  I can't believe that my little boy is already 3 years old.  He is getting so big.   He weighs 30 pounds and is in the 75th percentile in height.  He is fully potty trained except at night of course.  He is in primary now and loves it.  He loves playing with Chloe and he is such a great big brother to her.  His favorite toys are still any kind of cars.
This year for his birthday we had a big family celebration a couple of days before his birthday.  We had a pizza party, cake and presents.  And once again Max got very spoiled by everyone in the family.  Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts.  Max is in heaven with all his new toys.  Then on is actual birthday went to 321 bounce as a family and had so much fun.  Chloe isn't old enough so Paul and I would take turns playing with Max on all the different bounce houses and he loved it.

Then after jumping and playing, we went out to lunch to celebrate his birthday.  We went to Red Robin because Max loves french fries and I think they have some good one.  They brought him some ice cream and sang to him for his birthday.  He was a little shy while they were singing, but he felt pretty special.

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Monday, January 9, 2012


This year for Christmas, we were able to spend a week in Mexico for a family reunion.  It was a great and very needed trip.  We stayed at a great house that was right on the beach and it also had a pool.  During the week we were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and each others company.  The kids had so much fun playing in the sand, running away from the waves, playing in the pool and just playing with all the cousins.  It is very rare to have all the cousins in one place at one time, so it was so much fun to see how much fun they all had together.  It was a great and fun trip

Paul and Chloe trying to catch a wave

Max had so much fun playing in the sand and with all of his cousins. 

Our only family picture that we took all week

All the cousins except Mira, in there Christmas pjs while watching a movie.

Grandma and Grandpa gave them very cute outfits from Honderous and were finally able to wear them in Mexico.

Chloe loved the sand.  She would spend hours with a bucket of water, a shovel, and the sand.

The house

The view from the house 

For more pictures of the trip click here
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