Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For this Easter, we decided to spend it right here in Arizona. My mom actually decided to come for a visit and help us celebrate Easter. It was a lot of fun to have her visit. Max of course had lots of fun with his Grammy. One thing that he loved to do was to have his Grammy read to him. It is so funny because whenever people come to visit, all he wants to do with them is read. He just loves his books.

This was the first Easter the Max was able to help color Easter eggs. We decided to decorate outside because it was such a great day and. We put him in his chair and let him go to town. Of course, at first he had no idea what to do, but then he caught on and had lots of fun. After we were all done, Max looked like an Easter egg himself. His arms, hands, stomach and legs were covered in food coloring.

Max loved his Easter basket that the Easter bunny brought him. He got some toys for the backyard and some stuff animals.
Helping mommy and Grammy cook breakfast before Conference.

Max's first Easter egg hunt!
He had so much fun finding all the eggs. At first, he didn't know what to do. We would try to help him, but he kept getting distracted by his toys that were in the backyard. I guess for next year, I will have to put all his toys away before the Easter egg hunt. Finally, he did catch on and then he had a blast trying to find all the eggs. Paul did a great job hiding the eggs.

After Max found all his eggs, we sat down and let him see what was inside. I filled the eggs with fruit snakes and Trix cereal and he loved the cereal. It was a great Easter. It was perfect weather, maybe even a little to hot, but it was so much fun seeing Max so excited whenever he found an egg. Hope everyone a great Easter.

Rancho Visitors

A week before Easter, Paul's parents and grandma came for a visit. It was really good to see them and Max had a lot of fun with them. On Friday we were able to attend a Dodger's spring training baseball game. It was Max's first baseball game ever and he did pretty well. Of course we had to take many walks around the field, but for the most part he was great.
Then on Saturday, we went out to this farm place in Phoenix which is rated one of the best places to eat. Max was able to run around and look at all the chickens that were there.

The gang
I am trying to teach Max to smell the flowers with his noise, but instead of smelling with his noise he smells with his mouth.

Grandma and Grandpa bought him some Easter eggs and we decided to let Max play with them a couple of days early and it was very funny to watch him. He would take all the eggs out of the container and then put them all back into their places. He would do this over and over again. I think he was entertained for a couple of hours with those eggs. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!