Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This year for Halloween we went to music makers to play with friends and eat of course.  Then we went to a shopping center where the kids did some trick or treating at the stores.  Then we headed to my dad's house to eat some delicous food and go trick or treating.  The kids had so much fun and got lots of candy.  They loved wearing their costumes and the weather was perfect bc it didn't rain while we were trick or treating.

My cute little kids! 

Mira and Chloe as the ladybugs 
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumpkins and cookies

This was the first year that we didn't take the kids to a pumpkin patch.  Instead my mom, Kim and Heidi took them because Lyla was only 2 weeks old, which was very nice of them.  They had a lot of fun and came home with 3 pumpkins.  The kids each picked out one and then they brought home a little one for Lyla.  It was very cute.  Then one day I let the kids paint their pumpkins.  For some odd reason my kids do not like to carve pumpkins.  They don't the slimy feel of the inside of the pumpkin.  So the kids paint their pumpkins and they had so much fun.

Lyla was having fun in her swing while the kids painted. 

One night for FHE we decorated Halloween cookies and of course the kids had so much fun.  They would take a cookies and put about a inch or two of frosting on it and then covered it completly with sprinkles. 
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Life has been going pretty well with 3 kids.  Max has been a big help ever since Lyla was born.  He will get diapers, open the door for Chloe, get my phone when it rings and anything else I ask him to do.  He has been a great little helper.  Chloe has done a lot better than I thought she would with Lyla.  She loves to hold her and give her kisses on her head.  So far nothing bad has happened to Lyla beause of the kids.  They really understand that she is a baby and she is very fragile.

Chloe loves to read to Lyla 

The kids had so much fun playing outside while it was raining. 
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A couple of weeks ago, Max was invited to join Skye at his soccer practice.  He had so much fun.  He was able to run around and kick the ball which he has only done with daddy.  Now I have to sign him up for soccer because he had so much fun.
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More pictures of Lyla

The first couple of weeks home with Lyla were a little difficult.  I thought Lyla was eating great, but it turns out that she was not eating at all.  The only thing she was doing was sucking.  So for about 4 weeks I had to nurse her then feed her a bottle and then pump for 15 minutes on both sides.  I felt like all I was doing was feeding and pumping.  There were lots of time that I was going to give up and just feed Lyla formula, but the only thing that was stopping me was the cost of formula.  But I sucked it up and did what I had to do and finally Lyla learned how to nurse.  Now she is doing great and is gaining weight like she should. 

Leaving the hospital 

First bath at home 

This was my first time giving my child their first bath at home.  Usually my mom does it, but this time she didn't come out until 2 weeks later. 
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