Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homecoming in Rancho

This past weekend, we went down to Rancho to welcome home Paul's brother from his mission. I can't believe that 2 years already went by. I can't believe how fast time goes by. It was so good to see David.

On Thursday we drove down after Paul was done with work. Max did pretty well in the car, but we did have to stop to feed him and to let him crawl around. Friday was the big day of the arrival of the missionary, but he wasn't coming in until 7:30 at night, so we had the whole day to hang out. Because it was such a beautiful day, I mean it was clear blue skies. I have been going to Rancho for about 4 years and I have only seen blue skies a couple of times because there is always smog around. But on Friday the winds were blowing, so for once I could actually see the mountains. We walked around the outdoor mall and had some lunch with the fam. It was a perfect day. I wihs I took some pictures because it was so clear.

Max and his Uncle Mark meeting for the first time. Mark is in the Navy and is station in Washington.

When 7:30 came around, we all went to the airport to welcome David home from being on his mission in Alabama.
The whole family

David with his 2 new nieces, Tiffany and Ashlee and of course Max

Max with his cousin Ahslee

On Saturday, we celebrating Jo Ann's 60th b-day even though it was a week after her b-day. We went out to dinner, which the food was very delicious, to celebrate the big birthday with the whole fmaily and some of her close friends. Before we went to dinner we took a family picture because it has been 2 years since the last one. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, I decided to take some pictures of Max because we have no nice pictures of him. One of these days I am going to take professional pictures of him, but until then these will have to do. (There are more pictures of him in the photo gallery link on my blog)

David and Max

Max with his Grandma and her birthday party.
Max with his Great-grandma

Here are some random pictures of Max that I thought were such cute, so I wanted to pot them. Here Max is ready for a morning walk and wearing is Halloween sweatshirt that is aunt Kim and Uncle Adil gave to him.
Max had a lot of fun eating beans for the first time