Friday, November 14, 2008

Trip to Danville

I just got back from probably my last trip before the baby is born. I was able to spend almost 2 weeks in Danville visiting family and friends and enjoying the weather and how pretty it was. I loved the trees changing clorors and I loved how green it was. I don't get that it Arizona and I didn't realize how much I missed it until I was there. It was a great trip even though Paul was back in Arizona working while I was playing. He is such a great husband. Anyways, here is a list of things that I got to do while I was there.

1. Got to see my new newphew who is so cute and looks just like his dad
2. Go trick or treat with my neice who would not share any of her candy with me
3. Stood in the rain holding signs for prop 8 even though I couldn't vote in california
4. went shopping
5. celebrated my b-day with a wonderful cake, but my mom put too much frosting on it, but it was still very good.
6. Drove to see my cousin and her little baby. He is so cute and she looks amazing
7. Went shopping again, but this time for maternity clothes. Thanks Martha!
8. Started working on my little boy's stocking even though I have a year to make it
9. Hung out with my dad and grandma
10. Spent time with my sister, Kim who flew down from Seattle
11. Had a wonderful baby shower
12. Got to catch up with some of the best ladies that I have ever known
13. Spent time with my mom which was a lot of fun
14. And of course, I got sick! I think it was from all the amazing food that I ate.

Hailley got so much candy, but she wanted it all to herself
Yes, that is his daughter in that blanket
Hailey is upside down. Ben kept throwing her in a circle and she loved it. She kept saying, "Again Daddy! Again!"
Here are a few pictures from my baby shower. Thank you for all the people that helped, worked, planned, attended and cook for my baby shower. It was a great shower. I love you all!

Martha made my favorite cookies for my baby shower. These cookies are sooo good