Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year for Thanksgiving, we decided to spend it in Danville. It was a lot of fun to see everyone especially Jason and Ali. It has been almost a year since we saw them last. While we were there we went to the zoo, spent time at Ben and Barbie's new house, went shopping and relaxed. It was so good to see everyone and spend time with the family. Thanks for everything and for the wonderful Thanksgiving.Max had so much fun playing with dog. We really need to get him one.

Chloe and Ali at the Zoo on a very very cold day

I was trying to get all the kids to look at me and smile, but of course that is impossible.

Everyone on the train

Max and Ali had so much fun playing together especially when they discovered jumping on the bed.

Grammy Babs with Carter and Chloe

I love this picture with Hailey smiling and Max with a big smile in the background

Best picture of all the cousins except Chloe, Sky and Gabe of course

Max's Thanksgiving dinner

We were at the mall and there was no line to see Santa so we decided to see him. We will go again when they are all dress up and so we can actually see Chloe's face. I was only allowed to take one picture of the kids even though no one was waiting in line. Oh well, next time we will get a better one.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Time

I thought that Halloween was not going to be that much fun because it was on a Sunday, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. This year Max was a Dalmation dog because he loves dogs and Chloe was a Broncos Cheerleader because it was a free costume from one of my friends. On Friday we went to our ward party where we ate, played games and went trunk or treating. The Bronco Cheerleader

The Dalmation

I love this picture

Getting candy at the trunk or treat

Then on Saturday we went to the Goodyear Ballpark where they had a big Halloween party. It was just ok because the rides were more for older kids and there was a very long wait just to get on a ride. But Max had so much fun playing with his friends, running and rolling around on the grass. I have never seen him with so much energy until that night. It was so funny to watch.
On the ground being a dog. Some lady actually thought he was a real dog when he was crawling around on the ground.

Having lots of fun playing with his friends