Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, we went to the zoo with Zoe and Granddad. I love the Seattle Zoo. It is such a great zoo and it is the perfect size. Max always has so much fun at the zoo. He loves seeing all the different kinds of animals.

Backyard Fun

The main reason why we rented the house that we did is for the backyard. It was the only house that we could find in our small budget with a good size backyard. Even though the house it just ok, the backyard makes up for it. It is nothing special, but it is a place for Max to run around.

One day we decided to take Max's ride along toy to the top of the hill and he would ride down on it. Now it is his favorite thing to do. When he goes down the hill he gets this big smile on his face and when he reaches the bottom he just starts laughing. It is really funny to watch him.

I love this picture! Chloe is so happy that she is starting to learn how to climb the stairs.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Snow Day

About a week ago, it snowed a lot. Max has never really seen snow before so we decided to bundle him up and have some fun in our backyard. We went sledding down our little hill, throw snowballs at daddy, and built a snowman. It was a lot of fun. I felt bad for him because I haven't bought any snow pants or shoes for him, so It think he was a little cold but he was having too much fun to care.
We took the slide off of the playground that we have and use it has a sled. It worked perfect.

We didn't have anything really to use for the face so I used celery, but it didn't really work that well.
This is what our hill looked like when we were done. Max's favorite part was going sledding of course. It was the perfect 45 minutes and now I don't have to take him to the mountains to play in the snow. He was able to play right in our backyard.

The flu, cold and teething

I feel like ever since we have moved here which was in January, both of my kids have been sick. I don't know what is going on, but they both have been sick for about 2 months now. Max has had the flu and the really bad cold. Chloe has had just the really bad cold and she is teething on top of that. We have had a couple of night where both of them don't sleep at all during the night because something hurts them. I feel so bad for both of them. I hate to see them in so much pain. So the last 2 weeks or so we have not really left our house. Every single time we go somewhere one of them gets worst, so I decided that we were going to stay inside and wait for this stupid cold to leave. Now Max is almost better and Chloe is on her way. Here are a few pictures of the kids.