Monday, February 8, 2010

We are having a.........

For everyone that doesn't know, I am pregnant. Yes, pregnant. It was a surprised, but of course a very good surprised. I am 18 weeks pregnant. My due date is in July which I am not so excited for. It is going to be very very hot here in Arizona. If this was a planned baby, I would be giving birth in March or April, but oh well. Max and this baby will be 18 months apart. Our life will defiantly be different when this baby comes, but I can't wait.

Well today we had our first ultra sound. I always get so nervous and excited at the same time for those appointments and I don't know why, but the baby looks good. It has a good heart beat and growing on track. The doctor had a hard time getting really clear pictures of the baby because it was right up against my side, but we did at least get a couple of good ones. We were able to find out the sex of the baby and it is a girl. Yes, we are having a girl. I am so excited. I already have my boy and now I am getting my girl. I am so happy. To celebrate, we went to the store and I bought a cute little summer dress for our baby girl. Today is a great day.