Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Max turns 2

Happy Birthday Max. On Monday the 10th, Max turned 2 years old. I can't believe that I have a 2 year old. Where has the time gone. I still think of him as my little baby, but now he is a big boy. He is 2 now. That is just so crazy to me. Well, on Sunday we decided to celebrate his b-day at my dad's and I am so glad that we did because on Monday he got very sick. Anyways, it was so nice because I did not have to do a single thing for max's b-day. My sisters did everything. They got all the decorations, the food, the cake and they decorated the house. It was a perfect little party. Max had so much fun being in the spot light, making is own pizza, eating cake and getting presents. Thank you all for taking care of his b-day party. It was a perfect party.
Our first time being in snow since we have been in Seattle

Making his birthday pizza

Zoe and Dana had a lot of fun decorating Max's cake

Got to love the wrapping job

Chloe also had a great time at Max's b-day party

Here is a list of things Max is doing and loves now that he is 2:
-saying a lot more words
-calling dad, Paul which dad does not like very much
-playing with any kind of cars
-loves the word "no"
-loves making Chloe laugh
-is a very picky eater
-loves his juice
-loves dogs
-he can say how old he is
-loves his blankets still
-loves to jump, jump and jump
-he is really good at playing on our itouch which is a little scary
-he learns very fast

Max Happy Birthday! We hope that you had a great birthday and we love you so much

New Years in Rancho

After we got back from Seattle, we decided to drive to Rancho and see Paul's family for New Years. It was a lot of fun to see everyone, but also a little weird not to have Paul's parents there. They were missed very much. On New Years we played games, ate and hung out with everyone. Paul was a little mad that he couldn't play soccer with everyone, but he hurt his back really bad when we had to move some things, but hopefully next time he will be able to play. Here are a few pictures of the trip.

All of the brothers together from tallest to shortest.

All the siblings together

Mark got both of my kids when the clock it 12. Thanks Mark for letting them sleep on you.

Christmas in Seattle

This year we decided to spend Christmas in Seattle. It was a lot of fun to be with everyone and for Max to spend time with his cousins. Everyone was there except Jason who we all missed very much. Even though it was very crowed in the house with 12 adults, 5 kids and 4 dogs it was very fun just to be with everyone. While we were there we did some shopping, saw the famous gingerbread houses, saw the wonderful lights at the botanical gardens, went to the park, ate food, hung out and ate some more food. Even though vacation can be very tiring, I am so glad that we made the trip out. I love spending time with family.

Our little family Christmas

Before we went to Seattle for Christmas, we decided to celebrate Christmas with our little family before we left. There was no way I was going to bring all of the kid's toys to Seattle so they could open them Christmas morning. So the Sunday before Christmas we woke up nice and early and had Max go to the Christmas tree. I think he was a little confuse when he saw all the presents, but as soon as he start opening them and realizing that all the weird boxes are toys he had a blast ripping all the paper off the boxes. It was a perfect little Christmas for our little family. Max got a lot of new toys and clothes, but his favorite present was some new cars. Chloe got clothes and some new toys as well.
Our little Christmas with our little tree. One of these years we are going to get a real tree. I hate fake trees.

My 2 favorite boys

Chloe didn't have her stocking for our little christmas, but she did have it on the actual Christmas morning.

I love this picture of him. It just makes me laugh

Playing with his new cars. I think he played with them all day.