Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chloe 6 months

Things have been very crazy around here for the last month, so right now I am trying to play catch up on my blog. Well last month Chloe turned 6 months on January 12. Right before we left Arizona, I had her 6 month check up and she weighed 13 1/2 pounds and was 25 inches long. It was our first doctors appointment in a very long time, but the doctor said everything looks great. The doctor said that I could start her on solids because now she is a pooping machine. She had her first cereal which she liked for about 2 days and now she hates it.
Chloe is a very happy little girl. She can entertain herself very easily, loves to talk, loves her big brother, is still very small, and loves to be held. She is a great baby until it is time for her to eat baby food and to go to sleep. Right now I can't get her to eat any kind of baby food which I never had this problem with Max. We are still trying to get a night time routine down. Chloe is a horrible sleeper. She did fine when we lived in Az, but when we moved into temporary housing everything changed. Now she wakes up about every 2 to 3 hours screaming and she will not stop screaming until I hold her and it has to be me. Paul will try to calm her down, but she wants her mommy. As soon as I take her she stops crying and goes right to sleep. Her problem is that she loves to be held and not laying down in her crib. But even though some nights are rough, I still love her.
She is so cute

They love taking a bath together. They have so much fun.
After doing the cereal we moved to veggies. Once again Chloe liked them for about 2 days and now it's a total struggle to get anything in her mouth that is on a spoon.
A couple of weeks ago, Chloe started to crawl. She is very slow, but at least she can get around own her own. Max loves that she moves around a lot more and starting to play with him.

Chloe also has learned how to sit up on her own. I think the day that she learned how to crawl was the day that she also starting sitting. Now I can't believe she is already 7 months old. She is growing up way to fast.